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Nestled in the Green Hills of Africa between Tarangire and Manyara National Parks, Lake Babati is an undiscovered gem in northern Tanzania, a place where afternoons are spent drifting in canoes, where hippopotamus spend the days lazing in the tall grasses along the lake shore and where the locals welcome you into their hearts.

Lake Babati is where you can climb nearby Mt Kwaraa (2,415m), visit the local "bee ladies" and share in a traditional meal or spend the afternoon with a local fisherman in his dugout canoe, bird watching or just drifting.

Lake Babati can be used as a base to climb Mt Hanang which, at 3,418m, is Tanzania's fourth highest mountain, take a day trip to the Kolo cave paintings, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or visit the local Barbaig tribe.

Lake Babati is also Tanzania's only declared Hippopotamus Reserve. Usually found during the day on the lake shore amongst the reeds and grasses, they can be found in the shallows of the lake late in the afternoon, although every now and then they are found right in town.

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Tanzania's only hippopotamus reserve

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